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I am a professional Floral Designer with over 19 years of experience. What started out as a college job, transformed into a passion and a world of creativity for me.   

I merged most of my art and design ability with hands-on experience. I think of my work as both a privilege and a big responsibility. I feel that being a part in making someone’s special day beautiful and memorable is a great way to express myself artistically and hopefully give my customers an experience they will never forget. 

I am known for my attention to detail and dedication. I have a strong passion for flowers and I love how they create the style, aroma, and personality for events! Nothing delights me more than knowing that my customer is thrilled with the outcome and knows that I did everything in my power to make it the most beautiful event possible. 

Veronicas Flowers will not only capture your heart, but bring a smile to your face! 


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We are an all occasion florist.